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Delete password protection in Sony HD E1

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Can you, please, tell me how to remove the external hard drive password with the help of my computer? I have a Sony HD E1 hard drive and I want to remove the password protection as the password protected drive can't be opened in many other laptops. How are you doing it? Can you instruct me step by step? I formatted the secure drive, but that is not bringing me to the installation Window. Will it delete the partitioned part or the partition content?

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You can manage and remove the password with the help of the application called Password Protecting Manager. The first thing to do is to download the application from the official website. Access the page and scroll down, then download and install the application. Follow the guide as shown in the image below, then open the PasswordProtectionManagerEng.chm file. Browse to Unlock and follow the procedure to unlock the drive.

I don't have a compatible drive so I can't provide step by step instructions, but the help file should be informative enough to resolve the issue. It also has pictures to easily understand what's happening.

enter image description here

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