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How to save SMS messages from the phone to my PC?

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This problem refers to backup purposes. The easiest way to do this is to insert the support CD of your mobile phone into the CD/DVD-Rom and install its original software which is used to back up contacts, sms, install applications, perform maintenance upgrade, recovery, etc.

You should not worry about the connection to the PC since the software provides all the drivers required for this job. After this process completes, connect your phone using the provided cable and from the main interface of the software you perform backup operations regarding SMS messages. It will be presented to you like a wizard which will ask you the format of the text messages, the output folder and additional customization.

asked Feb 4, 2013
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Support CD of the mobile phone.
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To save SMS messages from the phone to your PC, you can use phone manager tool. With it, you can directly save SMS messages from your phone to PC after you connect it with computer like this:
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With Android file manager, you can easily save SMS messages from the phone to your PC, which empowers Android users with the capability to transfer contacts, SMS, videos, music, photos, apps, etc., to computer to free up more space on your Android devices.

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