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Selecting multiple images in Image Browser EX.

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In preview mode, how can I select multiple images like I was able to do in the old image browser?

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According to the official information, you will have to press and then click on the images you want to select. I believe SHIFT will work as well, but the developer said the Ctrl button should do the job. You can read about this operation and others on the official support page provided by Canon:

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On the Mac, shift and command key will select more than one image in thumbnail mode, but in preview mode, unlike Image browser, you can only select one image at a time. In preview mode selecting images makes them very large so you can see detail and whether to keep that image or not. Thumbnail mode photos are too small to do that. Is this a emission or flaw in the program? Perhaps it has been deliberately left out? I use this feature all the time on my photos. Not able to find another program as good as this for editing many photos. Ps image browser does not like the latest Mac software and quits constantly forcing one to start over again. Any help much appreciated. regards Gary Woodburn

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