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How I can start driver without MEXE02 control?

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After complete download data to my AZD-A driver I got Windows "remote control" on MEXE02 software which needs to select operation data #x to start motor movement. I think the "Start Position" button should have some function or command for start by using hyper terminal to control via virtual Com port. Can you share the function or command for the control driver?

Right now I'm using EMP401 to control my driver, but it will not work. Can you give me knowledge to control command, because I am using VB to control my Oriental Motor controller and driver?

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You cannot start the driver without the MEXE02 controls software and necessary cables. According to a diagram on the official website, the driver needs to be connected to computer in order to receive commands. Those commands are vital in order to start the driver.

You can download MEXE02 from the official website.

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