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VieCam always offline after unplugging the LAN cable.

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I've bought my view cam camera online and it arrived a few days ago. Unfortunately, I'm not able to use the product without LAN cable. I followed the installation steps properly but from the moment I unplugged the cable and the camera restarted as mentioned in the manual I was always geting the message that the camera was offline. I've been trying for almost two days now but can't get the issue solved. Can you help?

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Unplugging the LAN cable also removes the Internet connectivity. This camera should have wireless support if you want to use it without a LAN cable. The LAN cables ensures that you have live streaming. It's something logic. Take for example a car: you can't put it in movement if you don't have gas. The same applies to the camera if it doesn't have an active Internet connection. You should return it and buy one that can be accessed remotely via wireless.

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