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How to open a video file which is converted into Read and Write format file by Applock?

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There is a serious problem. Since my phone storage was less, Applock was not unlocking my locked videos and also was not locking any further videos. So I thought what if I transfer the whole hidden folder of the Applock vault to SD card? I moved that folder to SD card, then I realized that Applock didn't find that folder and instead created a new hidden folder again in Phone Storage. So I opened my previous folder and searched throughout. I found my files, but they were in a document sort of format. Applock saved them in this format. The format was "Read and Write". I tried to move this Read and Write files to the new folder to see if it recognizes the file and I can get it back but it didn't. Now its like "No Man's land". I have no where to go. Please help me to open this file so I can get my videos back.

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That was a wrong move to do. The official FAQ provided by the developer on the application's page at Google Play doesn't offer any support regarding this issue. You will have to use his contact options to contact him to explain the situation.

Use the following email address to get in touch with him:

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