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I need help with Earthlink Total Access Mail Recovery.

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I need to access emails in the Earthlink Total Access mail program on a hard drive, no longer internal or running an operating system. New computer is a 64 bit old system and program was on 32 bit computer. Hard drive was put into case and made into external drive. New computer will not open Total Access so that emails can be recovered. How do I get at the mail data?

Is it just a conflict with the different systems (32 & 64 bit)? And can I plug the hard drive into a 32 bit computer running the same operating system and get it to open the program so I can get at the emails?

Other data on hard drive is readable, but not the Total Access emails. As far as I can tell the program needs to be opened to get at them.

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You can connect the hard drive to another computer even if it's running an operating system on 32 or 64bit. There is no problem for hard disks. However, you should install the application on that computer, then attempt to browse to where the old installation is located to attempt a possible recovery. Another solution is to copy the whole installation folder over the new one on the new computer. Restart the application and the emails should be visible again. It's the most simplest way for this operation.

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