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Reset/wipe UPEK biometric scanner?

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I have recently built myself a new PC, and formatted my previous HDD for resale. I've re-installed Protector Suite from the disk and everything, but I'd forgotten that my fingerprints are stored directly in the scanner, so now it has my prints, but they aren't linked to my PC user. I seem to be unable to reset the scanner directly, and I am unable to re-register my prints to a new user. Any suggestions?

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Unfortunately, no information is available for this scanner which means you have a few options available:

  1. Re-install its drivers and software on PC and attempt to log-in to perform maintenance, because the device doesn't have a reset button.

  2. Read the manual regarding of the device and read the section related to adding/deleting users/fingerprints.

  3. Avoid selling it if it's not usable.

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