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How to make a 24-page PDF show on website like a book?

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I've made a document and saved in PDF extension. Is there any easy solution that allows me to show it on my Wordpress site with a book appearance? I mean to make the PDF like a realistic book. I saw one several months ago on a site but didn't save its link.

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You can do it with the help of a plug-in available for installation. Log in to the Administration area (http://yourwebsite/wp-admin) and then go to Plug-ins. Use the built-in search and look for A Page Flip Book and install it. After installation, look for the plug-in menu on the left menu. Configure it based on your needs and upload the PDF file that you want to use. Follow the instructions on the plug-in page to insert it in a public page or post.

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Please take a look at a program which makes flipbooks such as this one. Import PDf into program, then output flipping book and share it on blog.

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