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Copying my video to disk.

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I have been trying for 2 days to put a video I took at my granddaughter's 18th birthday on a DVD+RW disk to no availability. It is there when I confirm it, but then disappears when I take out the disk. What am I doing wrong?

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Start the procedure again, but this time, make sure to select DATA DVD. Proceed with the wizard and add the file. Make sure that the video you have doesn't exceed the total amount of free space available on the DVD (4.7 or 8.5 GB). You will notice that most CD/DVD burners have a space frame on the bottom of the file manager that tells you how much data you have added. If you need a bigger DVD, switch from 4.7 to Dual Layers (8.5 GB) and you should be able to write the data successfully.

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I tried again as you suggest but DATA DVD never appeared for me to select, so once again it wouldn't work. Any other suggestions?

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