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Virus on your Yamaha Musicsoft Downloader.

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I cannot download Yamaha musicsoft downloader due to security program reporting virus. I have paid for subscriber rights. How can I fix this problem?

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SI data base does not contain the Direct download link of YAMAHA Musicsoft Downloader.
Therefore, in case of any security breach out SI can't warn you.

So what's now?

Firstly, update the virus definition of your anti-virus program and scan it again because some times old definitions show wrong scan results.
If it does not help you try some other antivirus program to scan the file like Avast! or Norton.

If doing all of this doesn't change the scan result than the only hope is to contact the Yamaha Support Team. Click HERE to go to the web site.

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I have downloaded and installed the application and it was clean. You have probably encountered the situation when the file was wrongly identified as being infected. In this case, I recommend adding the software to the exclusion list in your antivirus.

Below you see a report of the file downloaded from the official website.


Note: There is 1 infection but it is harmless since it's commercial adware that can be deselected during installation.

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