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How to install Firebird Wireless?

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The installation of the software is performed just like any other Windows application. You insert the installation CD/DVD and plug it into the CD/DVD-rom of your computer. If the developers used an autorun to start the installation then all you need to do is to wait for the process to start the software installation. Based on my research on how to install it I have found that all the interaction with the software is made entirely from clicking next and finish. If the software doesn't start automatically then browse the CD/DVD and double click the setup package and follow the instructions as I mentioned. An icon will be placed on your desktop for easy accessing. Then place the camera where you want in the room/house and connect it to a power outlet and your router. It should obtain its own IP address and it's a must that the computer which runs the software is on the same network as the camera. The next step is to launch the application and wait for the camera to be detected. The process is automatic. From its interface you will have the ability (if it's the first time a camera is detected) to configure it based on your own needs and when the configuration is over, images will appear on your screen shortly after.

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