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I can't insert the English words between the Arabic texts.

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I am using this program to translate into Arabic, but sometimes I need to insert English words within the text. Every time I do so, the order of the whole sentence changes, sometimes the English word stands before or a mess in the line. Is there any solution for this problem? Usually I don't have this problem when I use the Office Word because I can control changing the side of the line.

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This could be a limitation of the software. It's possible the software doesn't allow you to edit the Arabic format, and because of that the text is messed up if you attempt to use characters from another ISO code to Arabic code. I recommend using the software to insert the whole text into Arabic and then switch to Word to complete the remains, to add what you need. I see this as the simplest solution possible instead messing with the whole text.

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1 Place the cursor at the position where you want to insert the Unicode
character.2 Select Options | Character Picker.
Transit opens the Insert Unicode Character window.3 Select (start of right to left override)in the list.4 Click on a character or type it to insert it at the cursor position.
The window remains open so that you can insert more Unicode characters. If
you no longer need this window, you can close it by clicking Close.

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