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I need StickyKeys back for the Windows version I am using.

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My computer crashed last week and I am still trying to find a download link for Windows StickyKeys as I am disabled. Sticky Keys is a must for me. I need the older version of StickyKeys, please can you help me?

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FOr what version of windows you need Sticky Keys back?

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I need Windows XP or earlier versions, please. It must be Windows compatible. HID Compliant Mouse.
Thanks from Dorcas.

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StickyKeys can't be uninstalled just because of a system crash as the feature is embedded into the Accessibility options. The worst case scenario is that the feature is disabled from Control panel and bringing it back is very simple.

I suggest you go to Control Panel > Accessibility options and check Sticky keys.

If you don't find the Accessibility options in your Control Panel then open up Notepad and navigate to File > Open and paste this line: c:\WINDOWS\inf\sysoc.inf and scroll down under [Components] and add a new line containing : AccessUtil=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,accessor.inf,,7 then restart your computer and in your Control Panel you'll see Accessibility options from where you can enable StickyKeys back.

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