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Yahoo security verification email.

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I know my email, I know my password. It's correct, lets me log in. But unfortunately Yahoo thinks they are funny. See, after my successful log in, I'm burdened with this 'Security Verification' nonsense. It doesn't even ask me for my security questions, doesn't even provide a phone number, and the alternative Hotmail address I used, well let's just say I don't even remember the rest of the e-mail because Yahoo blocks out the last few letters, and the alternative email, I used it once, more than 3 years ago. It was primarily for some junk email for a certain site. Any suggestions people?

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You have probably haven't logged on for a while, and since Yahoo suffered few security breaches, some of the users had to change their password. It seems you are among those people, but if you can log-in, simply skip that verification and go directly to the Account options (Mail > Settings wheel) and remove the previous email address. Add a phone number and a new email address and that's it.

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