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Are there HP specific RAM boards?

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My RAM dropped from 3GB to 1GB. I tried to replace both RAM boards (2, 1 GB) with new Hitachi manufactured circuit boards sold at Microcenter. The Pavilion PC would turn on with one new/one old but would not go to homepage. I put both old boards back in & was able to get to homepage, slowly. Are there RAM boards with HP specific software programmed on them as replacement parts? Where can I buy these?

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You need to add RAM modules that are the same in frequency. It doesn't matter the RAM amount. For example, if you have 667 MHZ and insert a 800 MHZ RAM, then it will adjust to the lowest one. It's impossible to break anything. In most of the cases it will not work and that's it. Use the old RAM as reference and then visit the shop you have mentioned and explain to the seller to give you another RAM compatible with the one you have.

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