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Can I get IPX for Windows Vista 64bit?

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I am trying to play Starcraft: Brood War on my Windows Vista 64bit over LAN and it says I need IPX protocol installed in order to play.

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Indeed IPX is a missing feature of Windows Vista/7/8. There is no official driver/patch/fix which can solve your problems regarding IPX network playing and since this protocol is important for Starcraft, you won't be able to play using standard Windows features, however, you can use Hamachi which creates a LAN over Internet with IPX function support.

Hamachi is available to download from here or from the developer's site. Install the application using the setup you got from the website and start it from your desktop. Then create an account, and create a channel (Example: "Starcraft123") using the Create a channel inside Hamachi. These instructions apply for both if you want to play on a LAN. You need to both join the channel you have created and then start Starcraft and create a game. In a few seconds, the game will be available on the Games List.

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