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Unfortunatley Nviewer has stopped.

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I have been trying to download this app on my Android phone, Samsung Note 3, but when I do a window pops up and says "Unfortunatley Nviewer has stoppped" it then gives me two options which are "Report" or "Ok". If I go into report it brings me to a screen where I can write what is happening but doesn't show how I can get a response to my question. If I push the "Ok" option then it will just erase all the information that I had inputted and go back to the main screen and show me "ADD A DVR" screen. I've tried deleting the app, I've tried pulling out the battery and deleting the app to start all over. It just simply won't load up on my phone. Is anyone having similar issues? Is it because of my phone the Samsung Note 3? Looking for someone that can help.

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This problem could have multiple causes. Since we are talking about the Note 3 (a powerful phone, though) the most simple and logical explanation is that the application is lacking compatibility with the phone's operating system (Android 4.X). Note 3 is capable of running all the applications on the Google Play Store. I have also encountered situations when known apps (eg. Facebook) had problems running on the Galaxy S3, even if the phone was more than capable of running it. I recommend sending an email to the developer in order to explain this situation. You can use the following address to get in touch with him:

Alternatively, use the REPORT window and describe what you were doing. The report will be sent to the developer.

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