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I have wiped the microcard that came with my Mediatek GPS, how can I restore it?

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I took the card out of the GPS to put in another that contained movies. Sadly I put the GPS card into my camera and formatted it. Now everything is off it. Is there any solution to this problem ?

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Indeed it's a complicated problem but if you just formatted the card and then you let it empty, a solution might be available. I would recommend using Recuva because it's a free data recovering software with Deep Scan feature and great accuracy and most of all is free.

To proceed recovering the content of your microcard please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the software using the setup provided and follow the instructions.
  2. Insert the card into the GPS and enable USB Disk Use.
  3. Start the application and using the wizard select the drive letter your card has in My Computer.
  4. Perform a Deep Scan and wait
  5. Analyze the results and based on the green markers you may recover the content you lost.
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Thank you Andrew for your quick response. I used the program you suggested but I had no luck in recovering any data even under deep scan. Looks like my camera has done a good job of formatting the card. My local computer shop wanted $99 to attempt a recovery. Instead I have just bought a new GPS for less than that.
Thanks for the help it is much appreciated. I'm putting this site into my favourites.

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