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Is not that a kind of malware?

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I am constantly getting a message if I have any problems with my computer, but in fact, I do not have any. Isn't that malware?

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It seems that this is a typical malware scenario. You computer is infected with a malware which tells you that something is wrong and you get suggestions to install specific applications in order to solve the problem. My advice is to quickly download an anti-malware application like Malwarebytes or SpyBot Search'n'Destroy. These applications are free to use and the cleaning process is very precise and accurate. Upon downloading and installing one of these applications, you should restart your computer into Safe Mode (after the boot process starts, press F8 and chose Safe Mode Only). In either cases, please install one of these programs and perform an update of the database then restart. With your Windows loaded into Safe Mode, start the application from your desktop and perform a FULL Scan and wait till it is done. The results will be displayed in red text. After the scan a preview of the results will be presented to you. Click Remove Infected and perform the same steps and enter Safe Mode again and scan your computer once again until the malware content is removed.

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