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Would my viber account be deleted automatically because of 9 months inactivity?

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I installed Viber in January and used it only for about 1-2 weeks and I didn't use Viber since then (because I don't use both SIMs and phone anymore). I wanted to delete my Viber account and I heard that after 1 year of inactivity my account gets deleted automatically. Does it get deleted permanently after 1 year and I won't be visible to my friends anymore? Or should I just delete my account within the app? Even so does it take 1 more year to be invisible?

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Yes, your account will be removed after one year of inactivity.

You can also delete your viber account by following means : Viber 2.0 has a “Deactivate Account” option under a “More” tab that instantly deactivates your account. By choosing to deactivate your account in this manner, you will be deleted from the list of Viber contacts on your friends’ phones.

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There isn't precise information about the period of time after which a Viber account gets deleted automatically. I haven't used an account for 6 months and my friends can still see me as being "Last online 6 months ago". At some point after 1 year or so, the account might be in a review process, but it won't get deleted. If you choose to manually delete your account, the process will take a few seconds and it's permanent.

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