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Blu Studio 5.0 K Privacy Password?

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I bought Blu Studio 5.0 k and a few days later I removed one on the 2 SIMs. I had in it because I wasn't using it but when I turned back on the phone it asked for my unlock code and a Privacy Password. I did not set any password other than the lock screen password and tried almost everything. Factory rest, place both SIMs, removed both, tried all default passwords I know (1111,1234,12345,0000,123456) and nothing worked. Can anyone help me?

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Your phone seems to be network locked which means you will have to visit your local carrier or the seller's shop to remove the lock. Usually the network lock is placed when using unknown SIM cards. If the seller didn't specify this when he sold it, then you are entitled for a refund or a replacement. Try contacting him and ask information about this issue. There is no other possibility if you already used Factory Reset.

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