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Can't read my hard drive.

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I sent some files for my hard from another laptop through USB 3.0. After that , the system can't open the hard and it says it's empty. When I checked the volume I found the size being correct, but I can't access the data and Windows gives me a message that the data might be lost. I tried to update the driver, but still, the same message. I tried with another laptop and the same problem occurs.

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If you're using a USB cable, replace it with a new one and then download and install SpeedFan. Install the application and while the drive is connected, go to the SMART tab and select the drive with problems. If you see entries with red or yellow, then it means the hard drive has problems. You need to either replace it through warranty or buy a new one. Additionally, make sure the USB ports and drivers are installed on your computer, but since you've tested this possibility on another laptop, I can only say this is not the cause to the problem.

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