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Unable to remove SupTab.

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I downloaded a application which was absolutely useless but with that software another program was downloaded due to which the following happens :

  1. Whenever I open a browser (IE or Firefox) an unwanted website named "" loads and the biggest problem is I can't disable it.

  2. Some programs are always started and I can't stop them or uninstall them no matter what I try (like HpIU.exe, loader32 and iePluginService). I have tried both the methods (manual methods and by using software like SpyHunter) so, for me both the methods were ineffective. For now I am totally helpless.

  3. I tried some random things like deleting the entire SupTab folder in Program files from C drive. I have tried closing HpIU.exe and loader32 from task manager (I can't even close these programs).

Please help me to get rid of this malicious program. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. My antivirus is Quick Heal Guardian (ineffective in this case). The software I downloaded was from the website 4shared (I entered the site with the help of a Youtube video and below this video was the link I used. According to my information this is a malicious program that helps other bad programs to enter the computer and the one behind the scene is very frequently updating this and this might be the reason why I was unable to disable it. I doubt that the information provided on other forums was old. I want a method which is effective and free of cost.

YouTube video:

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If you have problems with this application, then I simply recommend that you use AdwCleaner or Combofix. AdwCleaner removes everything in easy steps while Combofix uses advanced methods to remove the adware. Run one of the programs mentioned and the adware should be removed. AdwClear also cleans the homepage or any other bad setting for your browser.

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