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Is it possible to recover data from destroyed internal hard disk?

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The internal hard disk of my computer (Windows XP) does not work. Obviously it was destroyed. Using it as an external drive on another computer, also Windows XP, (through a special device with USB port ), it does not allow the computer to open.

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Yes, you can use this application to create copies of the hard disks for later analyzing. However, the product shouldn't be used for regular users as it's intended for professionals. For regular users, simply install Recuva and you will have the possibility to recover the data on the hard drive.

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Hey Sonic, data recovery is not difficult for normal data loss problem, but if the hard drive is damaged, then the first thing you need to pay attention to is fixing the hard drive.
But you need to notice that after fixing the hard drive, all the files are gone and it seems like it is a new hard drive. At this moment, don't put any new files into the drive 'cause if this happens, you will meet data overwritten situation and if this happens, the chance of data recovery will be reduced.
You can check more details in this post:

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