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Out of memory error on ERIN 2000 FRONT OFFICE.

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I am using ERIN 2000 FRONT OFFICE and every time I try to "send file" I error message window saying "Out of Space" and gives me two options "Abort" or "Retry." When you click on retry it keeps giving the same error and "abort" just goes away. I have tired to uninstall and install it back as well as upgrading it on 3 different computers. Nothing seems to be working. Can someone please assist me in fixing this problem?

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This error is caused by the big file size you are trying to send. Try lowering it a little or split it into multiple parts and then attempt a new send operation. Unfortunately, this is the only way at the moment since there is no way to diagnose the errors given by the software. I have encountered the same error while I was using Outlook. I attempted to send a big file and received errors. Lowering the file size should be enough to send it.

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