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Cluster tree in Opnet software.

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Hello, I am a student and I am trying to make a cluster tree in Zigbee network, situated on a floor with 6 different offices. I have 1 coordinator and 3 routers on the first level, and each of them have 2 other routers, and each of them have 3 end devices.

My problem is:

One end device in one room is a sensor detector which detects someone and makes the order to turn on the light to another end device in this room. Should this data transmission go to the coordinator and come back to the switch device, or does the router in the room make this order?
Thank you very much.

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In your case the router is just a tool of communication between your sensors. The one which tells the sensor to activate is the coordinator based on the feedback it receives from the same sensor. In order for this scheme to work the router plays an important role because it's the one which allows the coordinator and sensors to interact.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
I was thinking that case, and I am almos sure that you are right. But it is like that it seems that the Coordinator will be saturated if all the sensor of occupancy in the several rooms detect someone at close moments.

So, I have read that a cluster tree can be divided in different cluster heads, where the routers are called Cluster Head, so.. I have the doubt if this Cluster Head are still acting as a router, as you explained before, or they can make decisions, for example:
In the same room, the sensor devices check that someone is there, so the end device transmitt that to the Cluster Head of this room and that one to the other end device which turns on the light. (without going thourgh all the tree until the PAN coordinator).
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hai nadya, im made. i have question for u about cluster tree in zigbee using opnet, could u help me? please send ur email to me
im working on my final project, and i dntknw how to make cluster tree using opnet, im confuse in destination on application part on opnet. thankyou for your reply



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