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Recover photos from a broken tablet.

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I am using an Android tablet and I installed this app to secure my personal photos and now my tablet is broken and display doesn't work. How can I recover hidden photos from my tablet?

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You can't recover them because you will need to tap on the application to unlock them and this is not possible because of the display. Unfortunately, the files are locked and lost forever. Even if you attach the device to the PC through a card reader, it's possible that all you can access is just some random files while they're encrypted.

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Hello, Don't worry. You can rely on this photo recovery software (also recover audio and video files); it can help you recover your lost pictures from your Samsung Digital Camera (or SD card):
Photo Recovery for Windows Users
Photo Recovery for Mac Users
By the way: Before your pictures are retrieved, do not save more files to the device (or memory card) in case the original files (your pictures) are overwritten.
Best wishes!

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