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I have problems with IE9 in Vista Home Premium 32bit

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My IE9 keeps loading but never loads. Sometimes a dialogue box appears at the bottom of the page saying to "recover the webpage", so I click to recover then it says it is not responding and after endless time I end up having to Ctrl+Alt+Del the program because I could wait an eternity for the program to respond, which it will never happen because it drives me nuts. I've run my antivirus/spyware/adware,etc all are up-2-date. I uninstalled IE9 plus reinstalled IE9 and I also tried to revert back to IE8 with no joy also, my Windows is up-2-date and I don't know what else to do. I need IE for most of my programs to update through! Can anyone please help? I know much about pc but I'm no guru :-/
Thanks guys.

Jennie :-)

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If you said that you performed scans for malware and reinstalled the application then the only problem consists in the configuration of your anvitirus/antispyware/firewall application. Often these applications consider Internet Explorer to be a kind of threat based on the websites you visited.

In Vista open a cmd prompt (using RUN from Start Menu) with elevated privileges and type: netsh advfirewall. Check there and see if your firewall is blocking Internet Explorer and also check your anti-malware solutions by adding Internet Explorer to the Exception list. Slow loading of webpages may be caused by aggressive filtering.

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