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DataWedge 3.6 configuration with Motorola 3190.

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Can anyone give me step by step instructions to configure DataWedge 3.6 on a Motorola 3190 in order to take only 1 piece of a GS1-128 bar code? I want to pull out the GTIN, but I'm getting the whole barcode still. I've set up a profile that is being used, then an advanced process and tried to set up rules with criteria and actions. I believe it is failing the criteria because I'm not setting it up properly to detect:

a) that it is a GS1-128 code
b) the GTIN segment (01) of the code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am attempting to test the scanner for use in our warehouse, but unless I can get it to read GS1-128, it will be fairly useless.

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There is an online user guide provided by the Motorola Solutions website. The user guide explains exactly how to configure the DataWedge 3.x with an Android phone. Scroll down until you reach the HELP section then click on the buttons to download the help files. The DataWedge Help should also give you a quick fix in order to configure the Motorola 3190 device.

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