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Can't Ctrl+C/V text or drag and drop files into Bluestacks anymore.

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I used to be able to copy and paste text from the computer's textboard and into Bluestacks, but I seem to not be able to do that anymore for some reason.

I also can't appear to drag and drop pictures into Bluestacks, which would send the photo straight to the gallery, another thing I used to be able to do but can't for some reason.

Did Bluestacks "reset" itself or something? I don't remember finding an option to make these available or anything, they just started working, and now they're gone I'd really like them back.

Any ideas?

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This option is not available for the newer versions of Bluestacks. However, you can trick the application to run for an older version or you can install an older version of the software. First, apply a compatibility tweak and make the application run for an inferior version of Windows then remove the current version of the application from your computer and install an old one. After installation, deny all the updates to the application.

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