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I want Windows Live Photo Editor back (using Windows 8.1 now).

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I noticed that once again, Microsoft has improved this excellent light utility program until it's utterly useless to me. The current version is all about tagging friends for sites I don't use, viewing on devices I don't have, adding scrap-booking touches etc. I don't want any of that stuff - I just want a lightweight program I can use to straighten and crop photos precisely how I want them.

I know what you'll say: I can do both in Photo Gallery. But Gallery does it wrong, automatically cropping as it rotates - without regard to what subject detail it's discarding "for" me. And even then, its rotate range is too limited. I would often have to rotate to the maximum possible, save the changes, and do it again. That's a terrible design for a tool.

So what I want is to find an old copy of Windows Live Photo Editor and download it. I'm not seeing a way to do that yet. Every search I do for "editor" yields hits for "gallery" despite my efforts to skip that term. I'm going a little nuts over here. Can you help with this? Am I the only one who misses the smooth functionality of Live Photo Editor?

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Unfortunately, there are no older versions of Windows Live Photo Editor available for downloading. The company updated the application and kept only the latest version of the software. In this case, the only option is to switch to another product. You can use XnView for example because it's free, and it offers the same features as Live Photo Editor. It crops, rotates, resizes and performs batch operations.

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