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What software is needed to extract/read NB7 files?

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I have 3 backup CDs containing NB7 files of backed up data from 2009 (StompSoft was used for backup). I have installed NovaBackup with the hope of being able to read these files, but it is looking for file extension .nbk and I am unable to change file version of my files. What software would you recommend for reading these files?

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Indeed .nb7 files are the ones that NovaBackup stores the backed up information. The best approach to the problem is to somewhat try and use StompSoft again because when you back up file and folders with NovaBackup it also creates those .nbk files among .ng7 ones. That's why the software can't recognize its own files because it's missing some important ones. In this case try and use StompSoft, open the files you have and recover the data you need.

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