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Hard reset operation for Microdigit M7500 tablet.

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I have a Microdigit M7500 tablet. I forgot my pattern lock and email ID. I tried to open in download mode by pressing the Vol+ and the Power button but the tab doesn't start. Any other way to Hard Reset my tab?

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This tablet uses another method for the hard reset operation. You need to turn it off then press Volume Up (+) + Power button until it vibrates, then quickly release the Power button. At this time the recovery process should start. You don't have the possibility to enter recovery mode because the process is automatic. On a black screen, the following messages will appear: Erasing data and Erasing User Cache. Wait for reboot and the tablet should be reset to default values.

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Thank you for your valuable information.
But I tried this method and there is no vibration ir any other response from my tab.
Still the same OFF mode.
After trying this method, there is too delay to START the tab while normal POWER ON mode.

Please help me and suggest an another method.

             Thanking you, 
                MANU P.
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This is the only way to hard reset the tablet. After it vibrates, keep the volume power pressed, then slide the lock to the right then left and the process should begin. You need to carefully time your moment when releasing.
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There is no Slide Lock in my Tab

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