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Jasc Paint Shopt Prop Magic Wand tool information.

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I have an older version of Jasc Paint Shop Pro Studio. I do just the most basic of photo editing. However, when I tried to select just the head of a person in the photo I discovered the Magic Wand tool. It made a dashed line around the head; however, I don't know how to get just that part of the photo. The dashed line continues to move. There is also a dashed, moving line at the borders of the photo.

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The Wand tool will select the area from where you click based on color and tone. It works just like in Photoshop and most of the wand tools from various design applications are created in this way. If you want to select a fixed area of the image, simply use the free marquee tool or a shaped based one then simply use Copy and Paste. You will need to be very precise with the Wand tool to select a fixed area. It works for images with few simple colors without too many tones.

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