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It takes too long for my pictures (3700 of them) to load. Is there a way for me to bring up only the folder I want instead of all of them in "My Pictures" folder?

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Use Windows Explorer to create Folders inside the MY PICTURES folder, name the first folder 1, and so on 2, and so on 3, 4, 5, .... 20, Select 100 pictures, move - or cut and Paste in the first Folder, do the same and move - cut and Paste in the Second Folder, then cut other 100 - 500 pictures photos and move to the next folder. . . when you try to open MY Pictures, this will be Empty. . . no pictures to show. . . because all of them are relocated in their respective new folders, so the database that windows create will not give you any delays. . . or just TURN-OFF the feature in any Windows Explorer to show pictures, in the Folder My Pictures Under the Search Box ( Magnifier ) near to the Question Mark BLUE Icon you will see: More Options, open more options you will see the BLACK SMALL DOWN-ARROW and select DETAILS, no more database. . . ! No More Delays !
More Information - Google is your Friend - ASK FOR : Switch from Large Icons to Detail in Windows Explorer

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Install Everything in your system & it will get you anything you want. Just type in the file name & it will get the file listed & you can open from there.

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Download 'SHRINK-PIC' freeware. Your uploads and downloads goes much quicker with this application, it shrinks your picture automatically to the needed size when up / downloading pics. Very useful on the net. I use this application for quite a while, and i am impressed, specially on fb or myspace, etc.

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