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Metro PCS - ZTE smartphone issue with Google Search .

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Recently got a ZTE Smartphone from Metro PCS. Every time I push the home screen button, instead of taking to my home screen I am taken to a white Google Search screen. It does this randomly. Checked all my settings - nothing fishy going on. If I disable Google Search completely, the voice-to-text option is no longer available. I checked to see if these are two separate services, but in order to use the voice-to-text feature you must have Google Search active.

Is there something wrong with my phone or am I missing something? Again, home screen button is not taking me home. Any help is very much appreciated!

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This is the way the phone is configured using its stock launcher. I advise you to use another application for this purpose; one that allows you to customize the buttons. Access Play Store and install Apex launcher then you will be able to customize the actions for your home button. You also have the possibility to configure one of the buttons to start Google Search. Install Apex launcher then access its settings and you will have the possibility to customize the buttons.

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