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What is better: iPad 2, ASUS transformer or Galaxy Tab?

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Hi all. I wish to buy a new tab, but I dunno which is better. Any advices? I need good TabPC with long battery life, also it should be fast and easy to use.

Please, help me!

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Step 1: Operating system: iOS (very conservative and uncustomizable) vs. Android (catching up with iOS and in some regards exceeds capabilities of iOS... will only get better with Android 4.0)... if you chose iOS here, then Apple it is, otherwise it is between Galaxy Tab and Transformer (Steps A through C)

Step A: If cost is very important than Asus Transformer, it's the cheapest.
Step B: Quality of hardware and design Samsung's Galaxy Tab (essentially similar to Apple's iPad)
Step C: Your needs - Samsung's display is supposedly brighter; Transformer will be one of the first tablets to receive Android 4.0 upgrade; microSD card needs (in reality very little for that, period); accessories available for each of the tablets; and finally brand loyalty - maybe there is a reason Samsung's products are selling like hot cakes and Apple is suing Samsung and not Asus?
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Good answer ;)
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If you are Android user - Asus Transformer all the way, Galaxy Tab is way too expensive.
Otherwise - choose iPad - it **is** the most popular and solid device on the market.
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Hello mate. How urgently do you need a new tablet? If you love the iPad it`s possible you should wait for **iPad 3**. And if the android - no doubt *ASUS Transformer*.
    -     ASUS FOREVER!!
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Galaxy Tab is not so good as the other 2 devices. You should buy or Asus or Ipad2.
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Galaxy tab is to expensive and it's not good either you can try Asus or Ipad.

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Samsung does nothing regarding PS connectivity.there are umpteens of problem which should be attended at the earliest

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I have used all three and love my Samsung the best. It is all personal taste. I have never had any problems with my Galaxy in the year that I have owned. It does everything I need it to do. IPad is ok, but I am just not an apple fan. It does not allow for a lot of the apps I use nor is it expandable. As far as the ASUS goes it is ok if you want to go with a cheaper tablet that, in my opinion, does not perform as well as a galaxy.

Bottom line - you can buy the one you think you prefer then take it back if it does not do what you need it to do. It is what I did. I have a Galaxy Tab 4.

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