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Can cheat engine only work on rooted phones?

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You can try using king root to root your device. It is free.  
... you know how to use a rooted device, it will perfectly fine ... ..mine is rooted and i can do what i want ... , if you want cheat then we suggest game killer ...  
Hey dude thqt recommend GameCIH, I tried to download it, but it kept opening tabs on my phone. Nice bit of trickery. I had me a good laugh.  
First off, rooting your phone DOESN'T void your ... counter. When you root and install superuser, ... I have returned a rooted phone, and they checked only for the counters, ... was fine even w/ my phone rooted.  
If you dont havee root.go to google sarch framaroot and on xda developers and downlad it install if you can and download teh apps  
... way to use Cheat Engine Type of App Without Rooting Because you need ... change values in it. Without Rooting you have no Permission to ...  
I think root isnt so bad. Also it doesnt slow your phone and make ... you phone get slower or crash often after using a root yust unroot ... any suspicius programs what need root if your phone is rooted.  
You can unroot it before bringing back to the store. A rooted phone is the best among androids =) But its a little bit hard to update  
... accidents can happen while your phone is rooted and they wont do ... that you should get your phone rooted if you feel you can ...  
Rooting is not good.Say you ... youf phone„if you take it back to the store rooted they ... card your bricked I suggest not rooting.  
My game killer doesn't work it needed root  
... are wrong, root doesn't cause that to ur phone, that it is ... i got mine rooted and I'm getting the most from my phone. You need ... looking for an app like Cheat engine haha, I'm currently using game ...  
... to put this out there rooting a phone does NOT cause errors or ... in cheating in games and not risking much it's the only way ... and in my opinion there's only one cheat app and that's game ...  
I think that the root is very bad idea...because it causes errors in the system and crash the games and slower the operation system.  
another cheat engine are game killer and game guardian, but they also need root  
... 't a released version of Cheat Engine for Android based devices. ... start GameCIH from your phone and then the application ... would use Cheat Engine. Also, this application needs root permissions because ...  

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