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How to remove fastboot by using lap top?

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Here are the some steps to disable fast boot on Toshiba Satellite C660 are: Hold down the F2 key, then power on. That will get you into the BIOS setup Utility. You can disable the Fast Boot Option ...  
You need 1) Turn computer off if not any 2) Press and Hold F2 3) Turn computer on 4) Wait 2-3 sec for menu to appear 5) Release F2 and may be press F2 again to enter Setup and set Quick Boot off Done ...  
when ı press f2 nothing happand, so ı couldn't enter bios and disable the fast boot !!!!! how can ı do that, please help !! urgent !!!  
turn the computer of before shutdown insert cd/dvd everything after shutdown you turn the computer on and press F2. the bios menu will be load and you can disable fast boot  
thank duuuuud..... it helped alot. some body asked me to remove the BIOS battery which not easy and takes time ;) but this did it...  
Turn the computer off, hold down F2 and power on, the BIOS menu will load and you can disable Fast Boot mode in the Advanced menu.  
This option is found in the BIOS under the Advanced/CPU menu. Once you will disable this option, the laptop will boot all the items in order instead of skipping the unnecessary ones.  

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