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How to put viber on silent mode?

You may find the answer in the thread:

Settings -> Notifications -> Enable 'Use system sounds' -> Notification sound set to 'Silent.  
Turn off your system sounds via control panel. Only a few steps.  
How to disable outgoing noisy alert in viber on iphone? As i can see there is no option for that? Any solution for this error ?  
... 'Notification sound' set it to silent. This will stop the audio ...  
Android Galaxy S3 - Disabled 'Use System Sounds' in fact disabled everything. Still getting a sound notification with incoming messages. I just want the icon to appear.  
Hello, Viber mirrors your device's notification settings. ... center: Setting> Notifications> Viber> turn "Sounds" off. Good ...  
To turn off the incoming message sounds go to Settings > notifications and disable Use System Sounds. You can also disable Outgoing message sounds from the same screen.  

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