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How to leave and delete viber group?

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I am the admin and my viber was updated and lost all messages . Can I be added since only admin can add members? Who will be automatic admin to add me back? thanks  
if i was the admin and go back with invitation to group , can i deleted ?  
there wont be any admin even if your the first one to create group. your messages will be there unless the last user leave the group . if there's no user in the group will be deleted automatically  
Gosh.. which is the correct answer to my problem as I am the admin? Worried on the last answer - after deleting the group by the admin... the group will exist for other members still???  
The group will not be deleted even if you are admin and have left or deleted.... the group will exist for other members still. :(  
If you are the last person to leave the group then the group will be automatically deleted.  
... stored on the group chat. Even if you leave the group, the messages ... is no way to delete them unless the group admin is taking ... you were the group admin and left & deleted the group, then the ...  

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