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Can you play minecraft on nintendo ds?

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Ding dong this discussion is wrong  
JUST SHUT UP PEOPLE. ALL DS SYSTEMS THAT WERE RELEASED BEFORE ... want to get Minecraft on ANY ds, READ THIS! 1) Buy a DS Flash card ... the Flash card into your DS 6) Run DScraft 7) Have fun ...  
yes you can all u need to do is go to private/ds/title then post it in there u can also put emu on there and that`s how you get dscraft and emu games on a dsi  
It sucks they don't have MINECRAFT on the Nintendo software because all that downloading and stuff is too confusing I still can find out how to get mods!!!!!!  
i just love minecraft and all minecraft things so if i can get ...  
guys this worked i am so about to play it remember to download Omega Realms ps I LOVE MINECRAFT -shadowblade  
I have not heard of Minecraft on Nintendo before. Do not worry, you could play it on the Nintendo some day :D  
well i love minecraft and i want to try dscraft on dsi xl  
i agree with the person above i will buy all minecraft products if they are on nintendo  
also i thorght u could get minecraft on the wii console as well i would buy all of the stuff from nintendo if mojang whent ahead with this  
well i love minecraft and i tryed to get this on my dsi xl and it wounden.t work i would like itif mojang relesed a full and offical verson of minecraft for dsi  
The one above me is wrong. That's for DS's only. but you can by getting an R4 and downloading both stuff and it will really work! It's both fun, and easy!  
... put the SD in your DS go to data management press ... system memory.BOOM you have minecraft  
Minecraft is a game that was released for the following platforms only: PC (Java), Android, iOS and Xbox 360. There are no news regarding other handheld devices.  
I don't think you can... I love Minecraft.  

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