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How to send text messages from nintendo ds?

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I want to text on the 3ds but i don't know how!  
what about in a psp system can you go on textnow on that?  
i try to make an email on my dsi but i cant caz it wont let me and i dont have a computer and when i use the family one anything i do they c so wt can i do to make an email and i cant use my phone to ...  
wut the f ever you dont know what yall are talking bout.....  
you cant get textnow on dsi because it just good for computers  
Just make a email. I wasn't allowed either but I did  
link textdeffinetly not... your email is what you have to use for almost anything to make an account sorry  
*well im not allowed to have a email so can i do it a different wy maybe???  
... You can't use it for Nintendo DSI because it's a different platform ... -system and files. To send and receive text messages you can use Google ...  

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