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How to block pop ups windows 8 ebay?

You may find the answer in the thread:

... the one on ebay that puts pop up on your ebay just select ... it and uninstall.. problem gone.. pop ...  
... and you should have no pop ups .. I was bothered with them ... till I seen that the pops were from  
How to Block Ebay Pop-ups: Go to your ... "View Page Info" Ebay Page Info will pop up. Select PERMISSIONS from ... Scroll down to: Show Notifications BLOCK IT. Open Pop-up Windows BLOCK THEM. YAY!  
... in you browser like Adblock ,block ads Chrome: ...  
If you receive an unwanted or threatening email from another eBay member, you can report it to us and we'll investigate. Be sure to include the complete message in your report.  
Most people use AdBock, you I guess you could give it a try too.  
Please use the built-in add-on sections of your favorite browser and download AdBlock. This extension blocks ads, pop-ups and anything related to these things.  

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