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How to recover vault app password?

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I lost my Photo vault password, how can I recover my photos or change my password?  
hit 0000,0001,0002,0003,0004,0005, then type in the code you want it to be. thats how i fixed mine. ios7,ios8  
my vault app is hidden and i can nither open no uninstall it, so is there any softwere to convert vault .bin format images to .gpg ?  
Try wrong password about 10 times then a message pops up confirming password recovery email has been sent.  
where do you go to recover the photos on private photo vault?  
i delete my photo from vaulty app . again i find out this photo how can i find tell me plzz...............  
... the exception of the Photo Vault photos. How can I access the ...  
I don't believe there is an app for that but two streciuy ... you have is if 10 passwords are wrong it's deleting your ...  
... the PhotoVault app, clear data, then open the app. The password (and ... amp; confirm a password. Once you give it a password that you can ... files" and it will recover everything that was privatized before ...  
... will be another folder called vault. Copy those files to computer ... you will have your photos recovered.  

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