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How to make screen shot for huawei?

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Volume down and power button at same time  
Slide down top task bar and slide down the extended menu and you will see a screen shot icon. Fusion 3 prepaid by AT&T  
I found out how! Slide the top screen down and where the additional WiFi settings and other things are there's an option to screen shot  
Hold the volume button and power button for a few seconds... gotta press them at the same time... I do it all the time with the fusion 3  
I just bought the fusion 3 and to screenshot press the power and volume down button  
I found screenshot on the top drop down menu click drop down arrow more options  
The power button + volume button (like u were going To turn the volume down) hold for literally 2 secs  
If you have a huawei phone- I have a prepaid one :) Just hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time for a few seconds and a screenshot will be taken.  
PRESS POWER BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN. My phone just accidently took a screenshot so I had to know how to do it!! lol.  
I recommend this app  
... Android Side: You have to make sure that USB debugging is ...  
It know how to do it cause mine did it on mistake  
Root it then use a app in the play store  
I have this phone and I don't think we can screenshots ): It's an older version of the android software so I don't think it's possible without using the computer.  
well if you stop being so stubborn not all smartphones allow the feature of screen capturing so stop asking  
Get go SMS pro. You can only screenshot messages  
i have the Go theme on mine and in the setting in it i can take screen shots and after so long it goes off by itself  
... know how the heck to screen shot on a Fusion2?! it is a smart ...  
You cant! Its like a prepaid phone for at&t it won't let u! It's a smart phone but under prepaid!  
You may not be able to screen shot on a fusion 2 .  
The phone uses Android as its base operating system and its version is 2.3 which means that you can take screenshots by default using a key combination like Home Button + Power Button. Keep those ...  

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