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How can i unlock my umx phone?

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push the power and the menu button. when triangle appears push the back button. then select reset using the volume button. to make a selection push the menu button. gotta be fast tho... it should ...  
I did everything that it says to do all it does is stay at the triangle  
... in & power up the phone,when the blue screen comes ...  
Wont let me select with menu to rest phone  
my phone is on but it's just showing a white screen. what should or would i have to do next for it to come back on period?  
... the volume button to select phone reset then you push the ...  
... the volume button to select phone reset then you push  
... my u670c Android net 10 phone. It has a Red triangle with ... off 3 minutes of my friends phones.  
it goes to a white screen after i try to reboot it it goes to a triangle with a ! in the middle with a droid person than goes to a white screen than dont do nothing else  
... UMX mxc-570 phone for my birthday but its locked..I need to unlock ... it here in Belize.carrier unlock. I dont have any ... where it can be unlocked for that matter. ... any way i can unlock it???any help/info, ...  
... hand: power off your phone, hold down the volume ... key and turn on the phone (keep holding both the ... button may differ on UMX Max (more often than not ... button when powering up the phone. As for doing it ...  

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