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What to do when you get code 497?

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i get a 497 if i try to dwnload programs that are of a certain size with 3g. connect to wifi and repeat.  
Remove then add your Google account again. /settings/accounts/google then click on your account then press Menu then "remove account" to remove it. Then just simply add it back in. That will fix ...  
im getting message error 497 and file package is invalid. i ...  
When im trying to download apps from Google play store it will only do like half and them say error code-497 and not install it.  
I have the same problem with my Motorola Droid RAZR the Verizon store said i have a faulty phone and i should get a new one  
I am getting Samsung error message 497 and 927  
I have the problem and its really frustrating me guys..even i followed the given suggestion but still remain the same ..what to do if anyone have then plz share or mail me at  
Yeah. I have the same problem even i ha ve subscribed to broadband.but when using wifi it have no problem  
I have the same problem, i read a lot about it on internet but nothing of tips seem to help  

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