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Latest questions about "word"

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I am trying to type a document and thumbnail is interfering with what I'm trying to do. Can I get rid of it?
asked Aug 13, 2012 about Microsoft Office Word
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1 answer 261 views
How to add borders and shading to a cell?
asked Jul 22, 2012
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1 answer 278 views
What is "WordArt"? Where can it be found?
asked Jul 9, 2012 by Mehul Sangwan (130 points)
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1 answer 271 views
What are the new features of MS Word 2010?
asked Jun 22, 2012 about MS Word 2010
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How can I convert a Corel Draw doc to a Word or Pdf doc?
asked May 21, 2012
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3 answers 818 views
The problem that I am having with Word when closing (message telling me that global changes have been made, when they have been not) may be related to the presence of MS Works Suite Add-in for MS...
asked Apr 24, 2012
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I need a free Pdf reader for Nokia Asha 303, I also need Word & Excel.
asked Apr 19, 2012
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1 answer 323 views
MS Word keeps telling me a global template change has occured, even when no changes have occurred. Evidently, this is due to MSWorks (8.5) add-in for Word.
asked Apr 18, 2012
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1 answer 259 views
How to convert Word to PDF?
asked Feb 17, 2012
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1 answer 104 views
Installed as parallel OS, but could not log in through the launch pad. Help me someone plz.
asked Jul 25, 2011 about Ubuntu
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1 answer 159 views
How can I uninstall Microsoft Word product key?
asked Jul 13, 2011 about Microsoft Office Word
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1 answer 69 views
Readmaster is not running in Windows 7. What to do?
asked May 18, 2011 about ReadmasterPlus
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1 answer 143 views
I can't uninstall this application from my hard drive. Can you help me?
asked Nov 21, 2010 about SCRABBLE
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1 answer 170 views
My Word doesn't support alphabets in other languages.
asked Sep 19, 2010 by javid shariati (120 points)
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1 answer 122 views
Microsoft Project Gallery disappears from the dock.
asked May 25, 2010
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1 answer 111 views
I am facing the problem regarding the Word 2007 files. The location where I saved the Word files is not hidden and cannot be recovered.
asked Mar 31, 2010 about Microsoft Office Word
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1 answer 118 views
How can I add a PowerPoint slide to a Word document?
asked Nov 30, 2009 about IDT Audio
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1 answer 124 views
How can I get Outlook Express for my e-mail site?
asked Jan 24, 2009 about Microsoft Works
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1 answer 265 views
My new computer didn't come with an instruction manual for the DeskJet Printer. How do I scan a document and have it stored as a new doc in Word?
asked Jun 19, 2008 by Jann Woodall (120 points) about HP Demo